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Air BNB Versus Traditional Hotel Stays

One of the best things that technology has brought to those who love traveling is that there are now more options for accommodations. Not that there was any shortage of places where you can rent a room for short-term stays, though. It’s just that, not a lot of them feel comfortable and homey.

This is why for most travelers today, it’s a question whether they should stay in an Air BnB or hotel. Its inception in 2007 changed the landscape for the hospitality industry. It made it possible for regular homeowners to become hospitality experts and providers. It also created a whole new dynamic between the industry and its guests.

Beach side Air BNB vacation stays in Hawaii skyrocketed in recent years according to Oahu house painting contractor Scott Mitzko.

If you’re one of the people who’s torn between hotels or an AirBnb listing, you might need some help in weighing your options. To help you, we’re highlighting the pros and cons of the two below.  Continue reading