Air BNB Versus Traditional Hotel Stays

One of the best things that technology has brought to those who love traveling is that there are now more options for accommodations. Not that there was any shortage of places where you can rent a room for short-term stays, though. It’s just that, not a lot of them feel comfortable and homey.

This is why for most travelers today, it’s a question whether they should stay in an Air BnB or hotel. Its inception in 2007 changed the landscape for the hospitality industry. It made it possible for regular homeowners to become hospitality experts and providers. It also created a whole new dynamic between the industry and its guests.

Beach side Air BNB vacation stays in Hawaii skyrocketed in recent years according to Oahu house painting contractor Scott Mitzko.

If you’re one of the people who’s torn between hotels or an AirBnb listing, you might need some help in weighing your options. To help you, we’re highlighting the pros and cons of the two below. 

What Makes AirBnb Different from a Hotel?

The answer to this million dollar question is quite straightforward: AirBnb properties are actual homes, so they feel like it. The units’ well lived-in nature are never found in hotel rooms which tends to make them more comfortable to stay in.

The fact that actual homeowners are your hosts and not paid staff, you can also get to know the locale all the better. You can get unfiltered opinions and rundowns of what’s happening locally. You might even get in on some local gossip while you’re at it.

Of course, this can also be a downside to AirBnb’s setup. Not every host can be expected to be warm and friendly which are two things you can always count on hotel staff.

Then there are also the costs. It can be easier to find an affordable property that can accommodate a large group through AirBnb than in a hotel. You’ll also be allowed to cook your own meals in an AirBnb listing, so if you’re with your home family, it can be a more economical option.

In any case, lots of people tend to find it easier to kick back and relax without feeling so out of place in an AirBnb listing. This makes them a very good alternative to hotels.

Why Hotels are Still the Kings of the Hospitality Industry

Hotels aren’t going away anywhere, though. They’re still the most prominent components of the hospitality industry and that won’t change anytime soon. Why? Because they will always provide the best professional hospitality services there is.

You can always expect stellar services from a good hotel but you can’t always say the same for AirBnb hosts. Hotel staff and management are trained to provide you what you need. This is always a good thing to have access to when you’re in an unfamiliar locale.

The locations of the best hotels are also very hard to beat. Unlike hotels, not a lot of AirBnb locations are found right in the downtown areas of most cities. As these spots are always the best options for tourists to stay in, not being close to everything can definitely complicate things for some travelers.

Air BNB or Hotel: Making the Choice

At the end of the day, choosing between AirBnb or hotels should depend largely on what you think will be best for your situation. Both are great accommodation options if you’ll really consider their merits and your needs.

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